Sunday, April 9, 2017

Let's talk games

When we were running the Global Game Jam in January this year we wanted a quick and easy way to chat, discuss and get help from fellow jammers from Bangalore and others across various jam sites in India. Our idea was to setup a Slack and quickly get the ball moving. This turned out to be a great success during the jam as there was a lot of back and forth and sharing of screenshots etc. on all the channels.

As part of the continuing efforts to bring the game development community closer, we decided that such an open space could still be useful beyond the GGJ and can help the community grow. Our pubic slack channel is open to all and is now a 100+ strong. Follow the link below to ...

Our Slack has multiple channels you can explore, you will by default be part of #introductions  (where you can introduce yourself), #general  (for general gamedev related chatter), #ggj  (for all global game jam related news and updates) and #random  (for random conversations).

Apart from these channels, do check out the full channel list for more interesting and specialized spaces for interesting conversations, like #bangalore  (for Bangalore specific news, chat and updates), #game-design  (for game design discussions, breakdowns and more), #gamelab  (a mentor-mentee space for people willing to teach and learn game design and development), #tabletop  (for everything non-digital/physical/analog games), #news  (for news and updates from the gaming/dev world) and a lot more!

So bring your friends, head on over and start talking :) see you on ...

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