Monday, March 27, 2017

Demo Day #4 - A look back

As this eventful weekend comes to a close, we take a moment to look back at the Demo Day. But first, some numbers.

This is officially our 4th Demo Day. About 40 people attended the event, of which the majority were developers and the rest consisted of a small number of students and folk from other industries. We saw demos of around 12 games, most of which were still under development or in early beta.

Some of the games at the Demo Day were...

Space Titans: In Open Beta -

Bowling Nation:

Super Nano Jumpers(PC/Mobile): In Closed Beta

Krayosport: Cricket(VR Cricket - HTC Vive) In Beta

Drift Champions: In Beta

Slam Jump: In Beta

Spun: In Beta

Up Step: In Beta

Shape Shift: In Beta

Light of the Pharaohs(PC/Mobile): Prototype

Why should you come to a Demo Day? See if any of the following describes you.


I'm a student in college interested in making games, or a new entrant to the games industry:

It makes a lot of sense for school and college going students to get a better understanding of the industry and its workings. This gives you ample opportunity meet, showcase and get help from within the industry.

Slam Jump

I'm a game developer currently working on services/products:

We believe that building more awesome games will only happen once we have a bigger developer community of higher quality and you're part of this! We're going to continue reaching across various channels and bring more people to these events.

Space Titans

I have a lot of experience in game development, and have been in this industry for quite a while:

Experience is not some thing very common in such a growing industry. As the few experienced folks here, we invite you to give the larger community some advice on how to take things forward or how to troubleshoot issues with their games more easily. Maybe some issues that they don't even realize are present yet! More importantly, this won't be generic advice, but specific to the games being showcased. As such, your feedback is more likely to be implemented, and people can benefit from your extensive experience.

Logo - GreedyGame file
A huge thanks and shout out to Greedy Games for hosting us, for the snacks and drinks and the giveaways :) A lot of love <3 to Arpit and Arink who came by on a Sunday to help us setup and make this all happen!

Next Month - Industry Speaks
Date and Time: April 01st 10:00 AM
Location: NASSCOM 10,000 Startups Warehouse.

We are bringing in folks from the industry and give you tips and tricks hopefully on data and how we can understand data better. We are still formalizing the content and the speakers, but we will keep you posted and updated as soon as there is more news :)

Next Demo Day!
Date and Time: May 6th 3:00 PM
Location: To Be Decided

We think this is the best time to polish off your pitches and demos right before Casual Connect Asia where you'd want to be if you were looking at being a little closer towards presenting your games to an international audience.

We're always on the lookout for feedback so if you were there and had some thing in your head which could help us in making things better, then don't hold it in, please let us know.

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