Saturday, October 3, 2015

Game Development Communities in India

One of the most difficult things we've faced over the years, before forming these game development communities was finding people who made games, who did art and who you could collaborate with. We did form many communities and we did find new friends, now the problem was, where are these communities and how do you find them :) If you are in India and you want to catch up with developers or want to know more about them, here are a list of places which has grown up over time that you can visit.

NASSCOM Gaming Forum - NGF - NASSCOM is the apex body for the IT, BPM focusing on Gaming industry. The gaming forum came into existence 9 years back to come together on a common platform to share best practices and knowledge both from the business and the development perspective -

Local Indie Gamedevs - The Independent Games Festival in 2010 saw three entries in the main competition from India. This marked the start of a new indie game revolution. Thusly, the Local Indie Game Dev group was formed, where a nation-wide community of people making games can come, share and discuss together -

There are many other smaller closed groups, but these two of the most prominent and open ones.

IGDABangalore Meetup Group - is a meetup group through which other meetups are also organized or announced. All our meetups are organized there. Since there are these two forums, we didn't see a point in creating yet another forum for discussions -

IGDA Bangalore also has a presence on LinkedIn and a Facebook for news and notifications specific to our initiatives

Facebook Page -
LinkedIn -

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