Saturday, February 7, 2015

Looking Back: Global Game Jam 2015

The dust from Global Game Jam 2015 has settled, and the thousands of games that were birthed over the 48-hour game jam weekend are now available on the internet for all to play, enjoy and learn from. 518 sites across the world participated in the event, and more than 5000 games were created. Indian developers came together at Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Bangalore to make over 25 games.

The theme of the jam, “What do we do now?” provided a tough challenge, with teams building games from every genre (and in some cases, creating new ones) in order to convey their takes on the question. Some decided to go with the more literal approach of making players figure out what to do, leading to puzzle, exploration-based and point and click adventure games, while others let the mechanisms of their games convey the feeling of uncertainty. Since “what do we do now?” is a question that we all ask ourselves every day, all the time, there were also those who, though they couldn’t really tell you how their game had anything to do with the theme, shouted “WHAT DO WE DO NOW?” over your shoulder every now and then while you were playing. We don’t judge.

You can check out the games here and more pictures of the Bangalore sites here and here.

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