Thursday, April 3, 2014

Demo Day #1

We have been meeting up and talking shop since the day we began. Most of our formal meetups or the ones we helped set up have always been structured to be a one to many affair; but, the networking sessions post these formal meetups were wild and exciting.

Someone or the other had a new game to show or talk about, a tech they were using, or talk about the game development conference they just came back from, and much more. A couple of months ago, during one such heated discussion, we decided that IGDA Bangalore should focus on a meetup at least once every three months or so to be focused solely around showing and telling what everyone has been working on, whatever it may be(well, game related :) and now, a couple of months later since that faithful day, we give you Demo Day #1.

Why should you be attending this demo day?

  • You've been working on a game, and are just itching to show it to some people. 
  • You're an artist/designer, and you have this really interesting project you're working on or have completed, which is somewhat related to games (maybe a third cousin?) 
  • You want to help developers by doing your bit - See their games/projects, give them feedback and cheer them on! 
  • You want to see what other local developers are doing - so that you could pepper them with questions on their games, and ask them for advice about your own. 

Come for Bangalore's first demo day for game developers. Be a part of history, and have a special story to tell your grandkids :)

For more information about the event, RSVP here:

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