Global Game Jam FAQ - 2018

What time does doors open?
We’ll begin checking in folks at 4:00 PM on Friday, Jan 26th. Please check the schedule for a full break of how the event is planned.

Where is the schedule?
You can find the schedule on the jam site and also here on the blog.

When does the theme reveal?
We’d reveal the theme at 6:30 PM which is to be kept top secret till Hawaii joins the Jam the next day! Please check the schedule for a full break of how the event is planned.

Are there any basic rules?
Yes, you shouldn’t reveal the theme online until the next day 5:30 AM. That is when the theme gets revealed in Hawaii. You can how ever be as social as you’d like with the experience of the jam but just make sure that you don’t reveal the theme anywhere in your sharexplosions :)

Worry about the dark night!?
Almost always, GGJ happens around the 26th of January, which also happens to be our Republic Day. Police are extra cautious and are on high alert throughout the day and night. To avoid any incidents with the authorities, be very wary of your surroundings and restrain from venturing outside after dark.

Would there be food available?
You’ll have to figure out dinner on the day 1, which is Friday, 26th Jan. We’ve seen that this is a good time to talk design and build a good rapport with your new found team :) or fellow jammers. There will be breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday, 27th Jan and Breakfast and Lunch on Sunday 28th Jan.

Would there be sleeping arrangements?
Yes, there are sleeping bags available at the venue.

Will the place be open for 24 hours a day?
Yes, the place will be open for the whole jam period which is from the 26th to the 28th.

Apart from registering, is there anything else I should do?
Yes, before 11:00AM on Saturday the 26th, you are required to create an entry for your game on the GGJ website along with a profile for you and all your team members. You are also encouraged to tweet, live stream and make as much noise about your game and the jam in general :) Don’t forget to use our official hashtags(#GGBlr18 and #GGJBlr) when you do.

Should I come in early or is it okay to come in later?
You should ideally come on Friday by no later than 8 PM and start jamming!

Can we enter after that as well?
We do not encourage anyone joining later as it may disrupt a large group of people who has started jamming much before. Although, we can always consider special cases. Our goal is to help you jam and make games :) So better late than never.

Can we work with remote participants?
In a word, No. GGJ is a location based jam, which means that you need to be at the jam site to participate. On the off chance that you have an emergency or a teammate is really stuck due to acts of nature, we can work something out on a case to case basis. We highly discourage remote participation as everyone involved including our hosts have taken a lot of effort to make the jam site and event awesome as possible.

Can we make the game from home and submit it online?
No, Global Game Jam is a location based  jam and we wouldn’t allow for that because our main intentions are for you to work with a team in person and also learn and gather the entire experience of seeing other people do games and how they go about it. Making a game from home destroys this objective.

What material would you be providing at the venue? Can I get a workstation to work with at the venue?
We will only be able to supply deskspace, chairs, a safe and comfortable space to work in and power supply. We will not be providing a computer at the venue. You will have to bring your own computer/laptop and other gear that you intend to work with.  You might want to carry some writing material and a extra extension cord.

I would be coming without a team, Would you help me be part of a team or should I work alone?
Serendipity being the keyword, we can try to bend space and time to setup a meeting of these folken who are singular and without a team, but how you form a bond and work together is really up to you.While a few people come upfront with a team, most form teams on the spot. Recommended team sizes are 3-4

Is there a hashtag for GGJ Bengaluru?
#GGJBlr18 and #GGJBlr

Can we make non digital games?
Yes you can!

Will there be enough coffee?
Yes, there is coffee at the venue.

Best tip and practices of a game jam?
The Game Jam Survival Guide Kindle Edition by Christer Kaitila -
Game jam tips - tutsplus -

What tools would be recommended for the jam?
GGJ Jammer Resources page -
The Big List of Game Making Tools -
Ludum Dare compo tools list -
Awesome-gamedev -
Game Development Resources list (zeef) -

Is there anything else we should know?
Here is a general larger FAQ for you to read -

Please feel free to go through the Global Game Jam FAQ as well for further clarity - If you still have questions, please don’t hesitate to ping us via our facebook page - , email, message or call one of the organizers. We hope to see you soon at the Jam!

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